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YOU Can Own Antique Greek Gods !

YOU Can Own Antique Greek Gods !


You can own "priceless" Greek and Roman statues and artifacts. Although virtually all of the original pieces are housed in museums around the world, antique prints of these antiquities are readily available, even on E-Bay.




There are several choices to be made. You can collect Greek and Roman art or you can specialize in one ancient country. You can generalize in all antiquities or you can zero in on one of statues, bas-relief, ceramic pottery, gold and silver household items, nudes, weapons or other museum quality pieces.


If you are interested in Greek or Roman Gods or Mythology, the choices are vast. Included are Achilles, Andorra, Apollo, Bacchus, Jupiter, Juno, Hercules, Isis, Marathon, Neptune, Ulysses, Vulcan, Zeus and many, many more. You can also collect antique prints of the city ruins of such cities as Athens, Pompeii or Rome.


Another viable choice is to target a literary subject including tragedies such as Homer's Iliad or Odyssey or one of the Greek comedies. Several of the most well known Authors and Artists that brought you these rare antique prints during the 1500's to the late 1800's were Zanetti, Milligen, Flaxman, Heck and Pistolesi.

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Unlike many other collectables, antique prints can be seen and enjoyed every day. Frame them and hang them. Buy wisely and your collection should increase in value. They don't make ancient statues of Greek gods anymore and they do not make antique prints any more. You can purchase a genuine antique print more than 100 years old for less than a print purchased at one of the "MART" stores that was printed in China last month.


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