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Sandtique Rare Antique Print

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Bartlett Antique Print - AUGUSTINIAN ABBEY ADARE - Steel Engraving - 1840

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Fine steel engraved print from 'The Scenery and Antiquities of Ireland', by Joseph Stirling Coyne and Nathaniel Parker Willis and illustrated by W. H. Bartlett, c. 1841. Published by Virtue.

William Henry Bartlett

William Henry Bartlett (1809 – 1854) was British artist, best known for his numerous steel engravings. Bartlett was born in London in 1809. He became one of the foremost illustrators of topography of his generation. He traveled throughout Britain, and in the mid and late 1840s he visited the Balkans and the Middle East.  He made four visits to the United States between 1835 and 1852.


This print is in very good condition. The size of the image is about 7 1/2" x 5" on a page that is about 10 " x 6 1/2 ".  The steel engraving is guaranteed to be a genuine antique print.

The engraving that is being offered is of:

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