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The Weirdest Antique Prints That I have Ever Seen !

The Weirdest Antique Prints That I Have Ever Seen !
I have been in the business of buying, selling and collecting prints for over 30 years and just recently I acquired the weirdest set of antique prints that I have ever seen.  They came from a dilapidated book called "THE BOOK OF WONDERFUL CHARACTERS, MEMOIRS AND ANTECDOTES OF REMARKABLE AND ECCENTRIC PERSONS" by Henry Wilson and James Caufield.  It was published in London in 1869.
The book was full of cartoon portraits of actual weird people that lived in Europe...

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How to Become a Collector of Genuine Antique Fine Art

Engravers Effected History

Most people probably would think that becoming “An Antique Fine Art Collector” is beyond their budget.  That is not true.

Fine antique paintings are very expensive with many priced in the $millions.  We are not talking about oil paintings.  Our focus is on Antique Prints and Maps, many of which were after original paintings.  Our antique prints were produced from the late 1500’s to the late 1800’s.
During that time period the production of prints was very time consuming and labor intensive.  Each print was touched by the artisan and up until about 1800, they were...

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Marcantonio Raimondi, The Inventor of Plagiarism

Marcantonio Raimondi, The Inventor of Plagiarism
Plagiarism first came to be questioned as a legal issue shortly after the year 1500.  In a way, Plagiarism was invented by Marcantonio Raimondi and some of the first laws put in place to combat plagiarism originated from Raimondi’s actions.
Marcantonio Raimondi (c1480 – c1534) was one of the most famous Italian “Old Master” engravers and printmakers and specialized in creating engravings and prints copying paintings by famous painters of that time. For example, he created many engravings from paintings by his personal friend, Raphael (1583 – 1520).
Raimondi may have gone too far when he started...

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Why California Was An Island For 250 Years

Why California Was An Island For 250 Years
From the early 1500's when it was first discovered until the middle of the 1700's, California was thought to be an island by many people.  In fact, some of the most noted cartographers published maps showing "The Island of California". Some of the exploration voyages sent out to determine if California was indeed an island, returned with the news that "The Island of California" was an Atlantis-Like paradise inhabited by large, dark-skinned women (no men).
Obviously, they were misidentifying the Baja California Peninsula as the island in their reports. Determining the truth should not...

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POCHOIR – The Brightest Antique Prints of Them All

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POCHOIR – The Brightest Prints of Them All

POCHOIR – The Brightest Prints of them All

Pochoir is an ancient printing process that was rejuvenated by the French during the 1900-1940 time period, mainly in Art Deco and Art Nouveau design & costume prints. It is a process based on stencils (usually made of copper or aluminum) through which layers of...

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