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4 Things You Must NEVER Do To Your Antique Maps

Tom Sapinski

Maps have been used for navigation for centuries. Even though navigation apps on our phones have made printed maps obsolete, the latter still holds special significance in the greater human history and its cultural and social evolution. Today, vintage maps are deemed as prized collectibles with collectors, artists and historians clamoring to get their hands on authentic pieces.

If you are an antique aficionado, then you would know that preserving them takes some effort, and antique maps are no different. You need to take care of them properly to ensure that they remain in good condition. And that includes avoiding these...

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4 Tips for Finding the Right Frame For Your Vintage Art Print

Tom Sapinski vintage history prints

Investing in vintage art prints is a great idea if you want something elegant and classic to adorn the walls of your living or office space. After you buy the print, you can add to its beauty and enhance the aesthetics by framing it. Framing doesn’t just improve the presentation of the print but also helps preserve it.

If you are unsure about choosing the right frame for your art print, here are some few tips that will help you in the process:

1. Do not opt for overly ornate frames.
Your art print should be the focus, even with the frame around...

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When You Want To Identify Old Prints and Engravings

Tom Sapinski old engravings for sale old prints for sale

Identifying a piece of art isn’t as simple as it seems. Before you begin your research on its artist or its worth, you need to understand what it is. Old prints come in different forms. To tell the difference between their print methods, you need a trained eye and of course, a magnifying glass.
When you understand the artistic methods along with their corresponding tools, it becomes easy to distinguish between prints on papers and mediums like ink, paint, and charcoal. Here, we have mentioned different types of prints and how to identify each technique.

Relief Printing
Relief printing is an ancient...

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The Weirdest Antique Prints That I have Ever Seen !

Tom Sapinski

The Weirdest Antique Prints That I Have Ever Seen !
I have been in the business of buying, selling and collecting prints for over 30 years and just recently I acquired the weirdest set of antique prints that I have ever seen.  They came from a dilapidated book called "THE BOOK OF WONDERFUL CHARACTERS, MEMOIRS AND ANTECDOTES OF REMARKABLE AND ECCENTRIC PERSONS" by Henry Wilson and James Caufield.  It was published in London in 1869.
The book was full of cartoon portraits of actual weird people that lived in Europe...

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How to Become a Collector of Genuine Antique Fine Art

Tom Sapinski Engravers Effected History

Most people probably would think that becoming “An Antique Fine Art Collector” is beyond their budget.  That is not true.

Fine antique paintings are very expensive with many priced in the $millions.  We are not talking about oil paintings.  Our focus is on Antique Prints and Maps, many of which were after original paintings.  Our antique prints were produced from the late 1500’s to the late 1800’s.
During that time period the production of prints was very time consuming and labor intensive.  Each print was touched by the artisan and up until about 1800, they were...

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